June 2020: A Letter from the President of PHSNE Joel Moses

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To the PHSNE Membership: The past few months have seen dramatic changes in how organizations function and communicate. A variety of questions are coming to the Board of Directors which I would like to address. With the disruption caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Photographica and monthly meetings were canceled. The next Photographica is slated for the spring of 2021, but no date or venue is firm at this point due to ongoing uncertainty about the lifecycle of the coronavirus and availability of sites. Interest persists in alternative events and/or auction activity in the near term. To attempt an auction presents various challenges including, but not limited to, rolling out a workable web-based software platform, staging items to be auctioned in a way that is safe for the auction crew, and coming up with a way to distribute/mail items to buyers that is safe and secure. I have scheduled a PHSNE Board of Directors meeting on Sunday, June 7th. This will be conducted on an open web platform such as Zoom and will allow the Board to complete important business before the start of the summer season. Among issues they will consider: Assessing the impact of Internet hosting of PHSNE activities and events and whether we can effectively adapt new technologies. Assess the resources we have available to pursue these initiatives. At the same time, should we consider returning to “business as usual,” depending on face-to-face meetings, when the virus subsides? I believe some level of change will be imposed on us as an organization. There are more questions than answers and we need feedback from the membership. Please see the notice below and respond via email with your suggestions and feedback. Over the last few weeks many PHSNE members have asked what they can do to help, which is a credit to our organization. Monetary and equipment donations are always welcome, though at present the Waltham warehouse is full and closed. It will remain closed until the spread of COVID-19 has subsided, which could be in a few to many months. The warehouse crew has been stretched thin, so if any members have the ability to contribute time and effort to help us organize and free up space, that would be most welcome once social distancing guidelines are lifted. We hope all members and their families are safe and healthy. Sincerely, Joel Moses, President PHSNE Needs Member Feedback Given the current health crisis, it is impossible to know when normal meetings might resume. It would help to know how PHSNE can best meet your needs, and your interest in virtual meetings for programs or sharing the story behind a favorite image or piece of equipment. One benefit is that members outside the New England area could easily participate in virtual meetings. Please email snapshots@phsne.org with your suggestions. Please indicate if you would participate in online activities as a viewer, by hosting a virtual meeting, a show-and-tell on one or more items from your collection, or sharing your expertise on a particular topic. Snap shots is not published in July and August, but we will keep members informed about plans for the fall via email and the website. If you are not on our email list, please go to https://phsne.org/emails to sign up.

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May 1 — Philip Pressel & the Hexagon KH-9 Spy Satellite Stereo Camera
June 5 — Vladimir Khazan on the Exakta

To everyone who participated in this year’s Photographica 89 — Thank You!

Get ready for 2023: PHSNE’s 50th year and Photographica 90

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Coming Up

May 1 – Philip Pressel & the Hexagon KH-9 Spy Satellite Stereo Camera

June 5 – Vladimir Khazan on the Exakta

A Big Thank You

To everyone who participated in the years’ Photographica 89!

Get ready for 2023: PHSNE’s 50th year and Photographica 90

Dealers contact show manager John Dockery through the