PHSNE’s Programs bring members together.  Meetings, Photographica, School Outreach, Publications, and Volunteering offer members many ways to share interests, discover new aspects of photo history, support the society’s many activities … and have fun at the same time


PHSNE’s meetings are an essential part of the society, going back to its founding on April 8, 1973. Our monthly in-person and virtual meetings bring photo historians, photographers, curators, authors, researchers, gallery owners, scientists, teachers, and other experts together with our members, sharing presentations, Q&A, and discussions on every aspect of photography and the people who created photo history. 

Meeting details are published in snap shots by mail, email, and online. Most meetings are scheduled for the first Sunday of the month. Sign up now to receive email notification of upcoming meetings.

2020 Zoom Show & Tell faces
December 2020 Show 'n' Tell Zoom meeting


The Photographica Show and Auction is the largest event of its kind in New England—a full-day celebration of photography. The first Trade Show took place just six months after PHSNE's founding in 1973, and this popular event continues to attract visitors, collectors, dealers, buyers, and sellers from New England, across the country and around the world.

PHSNE members, students, and the public can browse and buy images, antique and modern film cameras, lenses, and other photographic equipment and ephemera from the 19th-century to the present day. Just one day this year – don’t miss this show!

photographica show and auction

School Outreach

PHSNE's School Outreach supports photography programs at public and private schools, colleges, art institutes, and summer camps. Cameras and darkroom equipment donated to PHSNE allow us to help students discover the magic of working with film, learn darkroom practices, and explore alternative imaging processes, at no cost to institutions or students.

PHSNE volunteers inspect and organize donated cameras and darkroom tools, setting them aside for School Outreach Director Holly Worthington, who handles requests for cameras and equipment from photography programs and instructors. Students and instructors can also participate in PHSNE-sponsored camera demonstrations, exhibitions, meetings, and free admission to PHSNE's Photographica Show and Auction.

Equipment donations (35mm SLRs and darkroom equipment) to the program are always welcome. If you are downsizing or dealing with an estate, your photo equipment could be put to good use again and might be tax-deductible.

Institutions and photography instructors seeking cameras and equipment can contact the school outreach director Holly Worthington using the link below.


When PHSNE's first meeting took place on April 8, 1973, the first newsletter was published just a few days later. With different names, formats, schedules, printing and distribution methods over the years, our newsletters and The New England Journal of Photographic History remain an integral part of PHSNE and its member community.

The current newsletter, snap shots, is published monthly (September - June), edited by Beverly Regelman, and mailed to members. She is always on the lookout for photography and photo history items for snap shots; you may contact her via the contact form. Back issues of snap shots are available in PDF form from the top menu Publications, snap shots section, and in downloadable archives.

The New England Journal of Photographic History, or the PHSNE Journal, is published annually, guided by Publications Committee members John Felix and Ron Polito. The topics, research, writing, photography, design, and production quality make The Journal a must-have for members. PHSNE members receive The Journal by mail as part of their membership benefits. From the top menu Publications, Journal section, you can find details on back issues starting with #171 (2013). Supplementary material for some issues is available in PDF format online.

The Journal is on sale in print-on-demand or downloadable high-resolution PDF versions at MagCloud.


Small organizations like PHSNE depend on the generosity of members to support the activities and goals of the society. Membership dues, donations, and other fund-raising activities keep PHSNE going financially.

But the most valuable gift a member can offer is volunteering; working together with other members to sustain, build and grow programs and activities that benefit the society and the public. Join us by sharing your skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve the society's mission and goals.


Bulletin Board

To the Dealers, Attendees, PHSNE Staff, Volunteers and the NNHS: 


You made PHOTOGRAPHICA 90 the best EVER!

Our 50th Anniversary Year Celebration Will Continue Throughout 2023

PHSNE May Meeting: Bernie Zelitch “Discovers” Lowell Photographer Annie Powell

Sunday, May 7, 2023 7:30PM on Zoom

June Meeting: PEM Curator Stephanie Tung

Sunday, June 4, 2023 at 7:30PM on Zoom

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