2020 PHSNE Journal

The Journal – 2020

The 2020 New England Journal of Photographic History, #178. This monograph by author Ron Polito, explores the lives, careers, and photographic techniques of Boston photographers Thomas E. Marr (1849-1910) and his son, Arthur {1877-1954). It is a quintessential American story. A young man rises from immigrant beginnings to gain patronage

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2019 PHSNE Journal

The Journal – 2019

The 2019 New England Journal of Photographic History, #177, features original research on one of the most iconic photographic portraits of all time: the unique daguerreotype of beloved poet Emily Dickinson, the only photographic image ever made of her. Two authors, John R. Felix and Susan Anderson set out to

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2018 PHSNE Journal

The Journal – 2018

The 2018 New England Journal of Photographic History, #176, features Simon Wing, a New England photographer, entrepreneur, and one-time presidential candidate, his invention, the Wing Multiplying Camera, and the life of his daughter, Anna Wing. “Simon Wing’s Photographic Collection Comes Home,” by Randel Mott-Cobb, is a story about hidden cameras,

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1889 Grand Tour Travel Album

The 1889 Grand Tour Travel Album

The 1889 Grand Tour Travel Album is a unique treasure. It documents an 80-day, 11,900-mile European tour during the summer of 1889 by four young, unmarried women: Cora, Harriet, June and “Myself,” the album’s photographer, souvenir photo buyer, caption writer, and curator. This 90-page facsimile edition includes very early Kodak

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2017 PHSNE Journal

The Journal – 2017

The 2017 New England Journal of Photographic History, #175. Contents include: “Myself and Her Grand Tour Travel Album,” a unique 1889 album of captioned early Kodak snapshots and commercial travel photographs. The album documents the 80-day, an 11,900-mile journey of four unmarried women: Cora, Harriet, June, and ‘Myself,’ the album’s

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2016 PHSNE Journal

The Journal – 2016

The 2016 New England Journal of Photographic History, #174, is themed around the art and practice of portraiture. Contents: Two Sides of 19th-Century Photography, how studio photographers strove to differentiate themselves on both the fronts and backs of their photos; The Creation of the Polaroid Portrait Land Camera – The

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2015 PHSNE Journal

The Journal – 2015

The 2015 New England Journal of Photographic History, #173, contains: The Watergate Break-In Cameras – what the burglars really used; Way Back to School – College Dorm Room Photos (c.1900); Lost Negatives of Herbert Ponting – the gift of a collection reveals an unexpected treasure; Needles in the Haystack –

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2014 PHSNE Journal

The Journal – 2014

The 2014 New England Journal of Photographic History, #172, includes articles on: The Saturday Night Club – Photos of ‘Risque’ Behavior at the Turn of the Century (1900s college life); Modifications for Folding Sheet Film Cameras; The Ries Brothers and Their Place in Hollywood History; Digital and Vintage Processes Work

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2013 PHSNE Journal

The Journal – 2013 (40th Anniversary Issue)

The 2013 New England Journal of Photographic History, #171, celebrates the 40th anniversary of the society. Articles in this special issue include: Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s wedding photos; the photo history of the Wright Brother’s first flight; the invention of the plastic camera lens; the Boston Bull’s-Eye camera; a study collection

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