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TheJournal / New England Journal of Photographic History

Starting with issue Number 172, 2014, The Journal is available for purchase as a printed or pdf document at MagCloud.com.

The Journal has informative articles on photo history and collecting by nationally known writers. The Journal provides world-wide news on photography, too. A printed copy of The Journal is an annual benefit of paid membership in PHSNE.

A partial table of contents of issues is presented below. The ToC include links to additional online Journal material on the PHSNE Website and the Web. You may check for supplemental materials for a specific issue below, of browse the Journal Supplemental Materials Links page.

Note: Authors submitting images to The Journal should go to Journal Submission Guidelines.

Recent Journal Table of Contents[a]

The Journal, Number 173, 2015

f.c. Group photo of Sutermeister family celebrating Independence Day (detail).[1]
i.f.c. Greetings from Your President Richard (Whitey) Morange
4. The Watergate Break-In Cameras[2] Ralph London
12. Way Back to School: College Dorm Room Photos Circa 1900 Paul Rheingold
20. Lost Negatives of Herbert Ponting James Fenton FRPS
24. Needles in the Haystack Daniel W. Jones, with foreword by Richard Morange, PHSNE President
36. Talents and Treasures: Early Photographers Rediscovered
37. Benjamin Crown: A Rediscovery of the Brattleboro Photographer Judith K. Dial
42. Hattie J. Goodnow: Sudbury Teacher and Photographer Reborn Ernest Beer
49. Margaret Sutermeister: Chronicling Seen and Unseen Worlds, 1894-1909[3] Judith Arlene Bookbinder
i.b.c. In Memoriam[4]
b.c. Montage of images from the issue, quote from Daniel W. Jones article

PHSNE online resources linked to in issue No. 173 are available at Journal links.

[1] Photo by Margaret Sutermeister. Photo courtesy of Milton Historical Society, Milton, Massachusetts.
[2] Supplemental material is available at London2015.
[3] Supplemental material is available at Bookbinder1993.
[4] Members who passed away in 2015 or who passed away in 2014 and were not listed in 2014 Journal. An online In Memoriam since 2005 is available at In Memoriam.

The Journal, Number 172, 2014

Click on cover image to go to MagCloud and buy a printed or pdf copy of The Journal. f.c. Park Ries with camera on set at Universal Studios in 1915 (detail).
i.f.c. Greetings from the President Richard Morange
4. The Saturday Night Club: Photos of "Risqué" Behavior from the Turn of the Century Paul Rheingold
10. Modifications for Folding Sheet Film Cameras John Wojtowicz
14. The Ries Brothers and Their Place in Hollywood History Robert Peters
34. Digital and Vintage Processes Work and Play Well Together Ron Cowie
i.b.c. In Memoriam[1]
b.c. Montage of images from the issue

[1] Members who passed away in 2014. An online In Memoriam since 2005 is available at In Memoriam.

The Journal, Number 171, 2013 (Special 40th Anniversary Issue)

f.c. Wright brothers Korona V & First Flight Photograph, Dan Patterson 2013 John Dockery
i.f.c. Greetings from the President John Dockery
3. Discovering Rose Allan Goodrich
5. First Flight Photo Facts Ralph London
14. A Photographic Inspiration for a Revolutionary Invention James Fenton, FRPS
18. The Legacy of the Boston Bull’s-Eye Camera Jos Erdkamp
29. “Executed in the Highest Style of the Art”: A Study Collection of Nineteenth-Century Boston Photographers Daniel Ness
35. Photographic History Resources Around New England[1] Richard Morange
39. The Petzval Lens Dan Colucci
59. Community Action: PHSNE Donates Cameras to Artworks! in New Bedford John Wojtowicz
61. The Founding of PHSNE: An Oral History[2] Amanda Smith and the Journal Committee
70. PHSNE’s Fourth Decade Marti Jones, Amanda Smith, and the Journal Committee
80. Collector’s Showcase Contributors listed below at [3].
i.b.c. In Memoriam[4]

PHSNE online resources linked to in issue No. 171 are available at Journal links.

[1] Expanded and updated online version available at Photo Collections.
[2] Online version is available as published in the Journal in the History section of this archive at An Oral History.
[3] Contributors to the Collectors Showcase: Michel and Michèle Auer, Jack Billington, Dick Bolt, William L. Camp, David DeJean, John Felix, Greg French, Thom Hindle, Dan Jones, Marti Jones, Richard Koolish, James A. Luedke, Jr., Warren Patrick, Lew Regelman, Bill Rosenthal, Ruth Thomasian, and John Wojtowicz.
[4] Online version is available as published in the Journal at Journal In Memoriam. A more recently updated listing is available at In Memoriam.

The Journal, Number 170, 2012

f.c. Montage of images from the issue
2. The Cabinet Photographs of the Merchants’ Carnival Joseph Atick
12. A.C. Roebuck and the Optigraph Richard Morange
16. The Saga of George P. Hall’s Mammoth Glass Plate Negatives and the Mystery of Mary Todd Lincoln John Dockery
30. A Collector’s Duty John Dockery
32. Collection Success Stories Amanda Smith
36. The Future of Archiving and “The Florence Declaration” Amanda Smith
i.b.c. Last Look- Polaroid Factory Demolition, June 2012 [2 page foldout] Neil Gordon
b.c. Message from the Editor [page 1 of 2 page foldout]
b.c. Greetings from your President [page 2 of 2 page foldout] John Dockery

The Journal, Number 169, 2010 & 2011

f.c. Montage of images from the issue
i.f.c. Greetings from the President John Wojtowicz
2. Can Film Survive in a Digital World? Joe Lippincott
9. Nikon F: A Camera that Changed the Course of Camera Design George Champine
17. The Ghost of William Henry Fox Talbot Jack Naylor
20. Civil War Photographer Samuel A. Cooley and the Discovery of Anesthetics Keith Brady
26. Lewis H. Moomaw and the Invention of the Foton Joseph J. Atick
40. Book Review: Wild Goose Waters From Above Lake Sunapee, NH [Aerial photographs by John A Sargent.] Ruth Thomasian
42. The Hunnewell Estate in 19th-Century Stereoviews1 Jim A. Luedke, Jr.
i.b.c. Message from the Editor [Adrian Levesque steps down as Editor and introduces Amanda Smith.]
b.c. In Memory: Alan Kattelle

1An updated supplement, Hunnewell Estate Wellesley, Massachusetts Stereoviews, 1860s–1900 is available at Luedke's PHSNE Members' Page.

The Journal, Number 168, 2009

f.c. Montage of images from the issue
i.f.c. Greetings from the President Marti Jones
2. The Amazing Saga of the World's First Photograph George Champine with Stephen Shohet
11. Niepce House Museum, The Saga of the Petiot-Groffier Atelier Adapted by Stephen Shohet
12. Photography of Children in America before the Civil War: The Relationship between the Painted Portrait Tradition and the New Medium of Photography, c.1840-1860 Lauren B. Hewes
25. A Diamond in the Rough: Fitchburg Art Museum Stephen B. Jareckle
31. Gems from my Camera Collection Jim Chasse
36. Naryan and Luke's History Day Project John Dockery
39. PHSNE Mission Statement
40. Reader Response-2008 Journal #167,Baby Lenin Remembered Ruth Thomasian
40. Correction for 2008 Journal Number 167, The Adoration of Lenin Ruth Thomasian
i.b.c. Message from the Editor
b.c. PHSNE Member Resources

The Journal, Number 167, 2008

f.c. Montage of images from the issue
i.f.c. Greetings from the President Marti Jones
2. A Family Camera Richard “Whitey” Morange
6. Chicago View Joseph R. Marlin
9. Mystery Photo Revealed [Ed Shaw in uniform with Ariflex camera, 1952] Joseph R. Marlin
10. Fred C. Small's Olde Cape Cod As He Pictured It Richard L. Sanford
15. The Adoration of Lenin Ruth Thomasian
20. World War II Navy Photographer Russell E. Carter
28. Book Review: “By the El: Third Avenue and Its El at Mid-Century”, by Lawrence Stelter Ruth Thomasian
30. Mystery Photo! [Babe Ruth, from collection of Ed Shaw]
31. The Trip and the Point-and-Shoot Camera Gunter Mueller
38. The Kodak: An Overview
i.b.c. Message from the Editors
b.c. In Memory: Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr. 1930–2008

The Journal, Number 166, 2007

f.c. Montage of images from the issue
i.f.c. Greetings from Your President John Wojtowicz
2. PHSNE's Third Ten Years 1993-2002 John Felix
12. Abe Cohen and Haber & Fink—Where Have You Gone? A Memoir of Over 65 Years in Photography Sanford M. Lottor
15. History of Astrophotography and the Harvard Astronomy DASCH Project George Champine
22. Miss Liberty—How Did She Get Into the Picture? Postcard Photographs by Pete Peterson and Frank Nigro, Official Statue of Liberty Photographers Ruth Thomasian
26. Issac Augustus Wetherby, Painter & Daguerreian Photographer Marybeth Slonneger
30. Carts de Visie From Days Gone By Ruth Thomasian
31. In Response: A Camera to Bank On Aryeh Tibor Herdan
32. SnapshotTM Parker Brothers Photographic Memory Game Ruth Thomasian
35. Another Journal: Journal 2008 The Editors
36. Flashbulbs Still Flashing: The World of Flashman Bill Cress Farri Cress with Ruth Thomasian
40. Letter to the Editor: In response to “New Life for Orphaned Lenses: A Case Study” by Adrian Lesvesque Bob Skole
i.b.c. Message from the Editors
b.c. In Memory: Pat McMillian and Jack Naylor

The Journal, Number 165, 2006

i.f.c. Greetings from Your President John Wojtowicz
2. PHSNE's Second Ten Years, 1983-1992 Ruth Thomisian
6. My Casella Mystery Camera Ralph Johnston
9. Retina: A High Quality Kodak Camera George Champine
12. Saved From the Dump Susan D. Abele
16. How Photography Put This Family Back Together Again Ruth Thomisian
18. Kattelle Collection Going to Northeast Historic Film David DeJean
19. Seen at Fall Photographica
20. Brothers in the Art of Daguerre: Charles E. & Luther Holman Hale Ron Polito
23. A New England Wonderland Ruth Thomasian
24. Soldier/Artist with a Camera James Fenton FRPS
28. Civilians and Soldiers Using Cameras Ruth Thomisian
30. The Photographs of Edward McClain: A Youth Experiments with High Speed Photography in 1939 Edward Lilley
34. Kennedy Cousins in Ireland Before and After (Digital restoration of ca. 1910-1920s photograph.) Adrian Levesque
35. The Accidental Find: Hand-Colored Lantern Slides of the Middle East Gunter Mueller
38. New Life For Orphaned Lenses: A Case Study Adrian J. Levesque
i.b.c. Message from the Editors
b.c. Montage of images from the issue

The Journal, Number 164, Spring 2005

f.&b.c. PHSNE 30th Anniversary Group Photo by Neil Gordon and Larry Bruce. 2-page spread.
i.f.c. Greetings from Your President Dan Jones
2. The First Ten Years of PHSNE 1973-1982 Henry Weisenberger
7. New Books
8. Seeing STARS, The Kodak Brownie “STAR” Cameras Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr.
11. Cover Photograph - How I Got the Picture Neil Gordon
12. Focus on Cliff Scofield, also known as "Mr. Graflex," "Post Cards Galore," and "Mr.Nice Guy" Edited by Ruth Thomasian
16. The Emergence of Commercial Photography in Boston, 1840-1841 Ron Polito
39. Upcoming Exhibition: Young America: The Daguerreotypes of Southworth and Hawes
i.b.c. To PHSNE Members and Friends Publications Committee

The Journal, Number 163, Spring 2003

f.c. Matto Mies #14, 1984, by Arno Rafael Minkkinen
2. Greetings from your President Ruth Thomasian
3. Mysteries Of Peru Ruth Thomasian
4. Daguerreotypes at Harvard Melissa Banta
6. Member’s Corner
  Why Reverse Engraving On This Shutter? Paul Nisula
  World’s Greatest Camera for Under $30 Michael Kane
8. The Polaroid Collections Barbara Hitchcock
10. Robert Goldstein’s Little Box Cameras For Making “Tintypes” Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr.
14. William Henry Jackson (1843-1942) Hal Gould
19. Heliography: A Chronology of New England Inventions and Innovations in the 19th Century James A. Marusek
b.c. Studio of John H. Fitzgerald, 1819-1882. John H. Fitzgerald and his daguerreian apparatus. Half plate. Courtesy of the Harvard Theater Collection.

Naylor's Index for Journals Number 86 to 164

A partial index of Journal articles from Number 86 to 164 (January & February 1982 to Spring 2004) has been discovered at the PHSNE warehouse. Jack Naylor produced this index in 2005 and it is available as a PDF file for download at Naylor Journal Index. This file was produced by OCR from a paper copy and has not been checked for errors or completeness.

[a] Key to special page numbers in the table of contents: "f.c." is "front cover", "i.f.c." is "inside front cover", "i.b.c." is "inside back cover", & "b.c." is "back cover".

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