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Coming in May 2015:

Peter and Barabara Schultz Introduce Trumbull Panoramic Camera
Sunday, May 3, 2015, 1:30 PM
Woman's Club Workshop, Newton Highlands MA

The May 3rd presentation by PHSNE member Peter Schultz and his wife Barbara focuses on a Heartland inventor, Rollin H. Trumbull from Chicago. His 1901 "Interchangeable" camera survives, along with prototypes, working final models, photographs, and correspondence. This amateur camera not only covers 360 degrees but also could be used as a snapshot camera. Or it could be stopped and started multiple times.

The Schultzes will use archives to explore the business (and intrigue) of bringing a camera to market, the barriers he faced, and the end of a great idea. They illustrate the talk with images taken by the inventor (including the inventor himself in a panoramic view), his cameras, and his competition.

Peter and Barbara Schultz are long-time collectors of photographica, specializing in the early, old, and unusual. Barbara is a trained graphic designer who now spends time repairing and restoring an old house, not to mention old cameras. Peter just retired as a faculty member at Brown University, but continues an active research program in planetary geology (specializing in impact cratering) with more than 150 journal articles and a book.

Chautauqua camp (New York),  R. Trumblull (ca. 1904)
Chautauqua camp (New York), R. Trumblull (ca. 1904)

~adapted from May 2015 snap shots

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