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AboutThisSite / Getting Approval to Author a Page and Terms of Use

Getting Approval from PHSNE to Author a Page

The Members' Page section of the PHSNE web site is designed to help members create their own web pages around areas of their photographic interest and expertise. The creation and maintenance of each page will be supported by technical resources provided by the Society. Due to the present limits of these services, members are asked to submit a short description of their proposed pages so they can be evaluated against available resources. Please submit your proposal to the Member's Pages site administrator. You my use the Web form to contact the Members' Pages administrator, or contact Joe Walters at the e-mail address provided at the contacts page.

Your proposal will be reviewed by the PHSNE Board of Directors or their designated representatives and you will receive a prompt response

Terms of Use and Copyright Notices

The following terms of use and copyright notices apply to the contents of the wiki site at www.phsne.org/members:

  1. This site is provided by PHSNE to encourage members to participate in PHSNE's mission to promote knowledge of our photographic heritage by sharing their expertise. No other use, e.g. sales, trading of equipment, advertising is permitted.
  2. Members's pages are the contribution of the respective members who are responsible for their content and who retain all rights to said content except for presentation as part of this site and other PHSNE sites or publications.
  3. The individual and total size of images and documents stored on the site will be limited for each members at the then current limits established by the Administrator. Members are encouraged to use images to inform the public, but large image collections must be stored on another site (e.g. Flickr) and embedded in the members page by linking to the storage site.
  4. When embedding image content from other sites the member is responsible for and must adhere to the terms of use of said site.
  5. The Members' Pages site administrator(s) will act as agent for the PHSNE Board of Directors during the construction of a member's page and it's maintenance thereafter.
  6. Permission is granted for short extracts and linking by URL for editorial and review purposes provided the member and PHSNE are acknowledged and a link is provided to "www.phsne.org/members". For other permissions contact the individual member or Members' Pages administrator.
  7. During construction, a member's pages will be accessible only to the member and the site administrator. If both the member and the site administrator agree, others may be granted access. Once the member deems his or her pages complete, it will be reviewed by the site administrator and the PHSNE Board of Directors before public access is provided.
  8. PHSNE reserves the right to restrict or remove member content at the sole decision of the PHSNE Board of Directors.
  9. Other than members' pages content and layout; phsne.org, all publications of PHSNE available on this site, and the overall organization of members pages are Copyright © Photographic Historical Society of New England, Inc.
  10. Members pages, images, videos and other documents not copyrighted by PHSNE are Copyright © their originators, their assignees, or current holders. Contact them for permission to use these materials.
  11. PmWiki documentation pages are covered by the GNU General Public License. See PmWiki and GNU.
  12. PmWiki is a registered trademark of Patrick R. Michaud. Other trademarks are those of their respective holders.

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