Supplemental material for The New England Journal of Photographic History, Issue 175, 2017

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‘Myself’ and Her Grand Tour Album: A Nineteenth-Century Treasure from the McDade Collection, by Ron Polito.
A remarkable 1889 album combining commercial travel photographs and very early Kodak snapshots, extensively captioned and annotated by the as-yet unnamed woman traveler and photographer, known only as ‘Myself’. To view or download a facsimile PDF version of the complete original album, visit: 2017_Grand_Tour_Travel_Album

Boston Cityscapes and the ‘Black Albums’, by Ron Polito.
The “Black Albums” (named for their black-paper pages) are an intriguing mystery, offering striking images of Boston from the second half of the nineteenth century.  They are also rare–only five are known to exist.  The maker is not identified, nor are the photographers, but many of the images are quite possibly by Josiah Johnson Hawes or the firm of Southworth and Hawes.  This supplement contains extensive commentary by author Ron Polito, plus a complete facsimile version of one of the ‘Black Albums’. To view the PDF, visit: 2017_Black_Albums

In Memoriam
A partial list of PHSNE members who passed away since 2005.

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