Supplemental material for The New England Journal of Photographic History, Issue 174, 2016

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A Gallery of Photographs by the Dunshee Family
Historian, genealogist and archivist Gary Saretzky researched and wrote the in-depth article on the peregrinations of the Dunshee’s, a nineteenth-century family of itinerant portrait photographers. Ron Polito assembled and captioned this online supplemental gallery of portraits taken by various Dunshees, which provides a close look at some of their photographs, and the faces of their customers. To view or download the PDF, visit: 2016_Dunshee_Gallery

The Dunshee Photographer’s Map
You can follow the travels of Dunshee photographers on a colorful two-page mid-nineteenth century annotated map, produced by New York graphic artist KC Witherell for the 2016 PHSNE Journal. To view or download the PDF, visit: 2016_Dunshee_Map
(For best viewing in Adobe Acrobat, use the View, Page Display, Two-Page View option to see both pages together.)

A Gallery of Work by Edwin Bradbury Luce
The Worcester Historical Museum’s 75,000-piece collection of E.B. Luce photographs, journals, cameras, and other personal and professional items is a trove of material from a man who described his work as “portraits of commercial subjects.” This supplemental album, curated and edited by Ryck Lent and Ron Polito, offers additional images by Luce from the Museum’s holdings. To view or download the PDF, visit: 2016_Luce_Gallery

The Polaroid Big Shot and the Abele-Shelton Portfolio
Journalist and author David DeJean researched and wrote the article on the origins of Polaroid’s Big Shot, a unique portrait camera made famous by Andy Warhol. Among DeJean’s discoveries was the original proposal “portfolio” pitching the virtues of Bill Shelton’s idea for a new Polaroid camera. To view or download a facsimile version of the complete portfolio in PDF, visit: 2016_Abele_Shelton_Portfolio


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