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TheJournal / Links to PHSNE resources referenced in The Journal

Links to supplementary material for The Journal are listed below by Journal issue.

Journal Number 171, 2013

[Felix2007]PHSNE's Third Ten Years 1993 - 2002, John Felix, The Journal, No. 166, 2007, PHSNE
[Fenton2006]Soldier/Artist with a Camera, James Fenton FRSP, The Journal, 2006, PHSNE
[InMemoriam]In Memoriam, A partial listing of PHSNE members who passed away this decade.
[Morange2013]Photo Collections, Whitey Morange, The Journal, No. 171, 2013, PHSNE (Expanded and updated from the Journal article)
[Thomasian2006]PHSNE's Second Ten Years 1983-1992, Ruth Thomasian, The Journal, No. 165, 2006, PHSNE
[Weisenburger2005]PHSNE's First Ten Years 1973-1982, Henry Weisenburger, The Journal, No. 164, Spring 2005, PHSNE

Journal Number 173, 2015

[London2015]Supplemental Material for Watergate Break-In Cameras, Ralph London, The Journal, 2015, Issue No 173, PHSNE
[Bookbinder1993]Margaret Sutermeister: Chronicling Seen and Unseen Worlds, 1894-1909; Judith Arlene Bookbinder, 1993, The Milton Historical Society, Milton MA

Journal Number 174, 2016 — Portraits: Art and Practice

Supplemental material listed by Journal article.

Two Sides of Nineteenth-Century Photography, by Ron Polito
Those drawn to day-to-day nineteenth-century studio photography may be interested in two Boston Athenæum collections of Boston and Massachusetts photographers. The collection is in two parts: Part I currently contains more than 1,600 cartes de visite and cabinet prints from nineteenth-century Boston studios; Part II is a smaller collection, currently with approximately 600 photographs from other Massachusetts cities and towns. The Boston collection is available to all researchers by appointment and has two online finding aids: cartes de visite at cdm.bostonathenaeum.org/cdm/ref/collection/p15482coll1/id/857, and cabinet prints at cdm.bostonathenaeum.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p15482coll1/id/856. The Massachusetts collection is currently being cataloged, with a finding aid documenting individual items.
The Creation of the Polaroid Big Shot, by David DeJean
For a look at the complete Abele-Shelton portfolio presenting the original idea for the Big Shot, plus additional patent drawings and camera images, visit:
The Creation of the Polaroid Big Shot: Supplementary Reference Materials. This file contains the Abele-Shelton portfolio only. Patent drawings and camera images supplemental material is coming. Please return to site to check for updates.
Andy Warhol and the Big Shot, by Ryck Lent
For a description of the Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program and a full list of the institutions which received gifts, visit:
For additional information on Warhol and his Polaroid images, visit:
For a description of Warhol’s working method, “Lunchtime Art Talk Recap: Andy Warhol, Unidentified Woman” visit:
From the Los Angeles Times Culture Monster blog - “Point and shoot: Warhol and his Polaroid” visit:
From Taschen Books: “Andy Warhol: Polaroids 1958-1987,“ visit:
From Vanity Fair - In Conversation: “Bob Colacello Remembers Andy Warhol’s Celebrity Polaroids,” visit:
The Dunshees: Itinerant New England Photographers from Bristol, Vermont, by Gary D. Saretzky
For additional work by members of the Dunshee family, visit:
Potato Portrait Snapshots, by Sabine Ocker
For additional information on “Potato #345 (2010),” visit:
Acquisition, Conservation, Preservation and Presentation of the Historic E. B. Luce Collection at the Worcester Historical Museum, by Robyn Conroy
For additional E.B. Luce and other holdings at the Worcester Historical Museum, visit:
Portraits of Commercial Subjects – The Worcester Historical Museum’s E. B. Luce Collection, by Ryck Lent
For a gallery of additional E. B. Luce Collection material, visit:
Self-Portraits: Here’s Looking at You, by Walter Friesendorf
For additional information on photobooths, visit: Behind the Curtain: A History of the Photobooth, by Mark Bloch at: panmodern.com/photobooth.htm.
In Memoriam, PHSNE members who have passed away since 2015
For an expanded list going back to 2005, visit: phsne.org/InMemoriam.
The New England Journal of Photographic History
The Journal is an annual publication of the Photographic Historical Society of New England. Starting with issue number 172, full copies are available for sale in print or electronic formats from phsne.magcloud.com.

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