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TheJournal / Journal Submission Guidelines

Specifications for Submitting Images & Text

Depending on the format, please use the following specifications and mailing instructions. Note that images submitted cannot be returned. If you need assistance please contact Ryck Lent at journal-editor@phsne.org.


For digital camera images: Provide a high resolution image, saved in TIFF format, not JPEG. Each image file should be at least an 8mb TIFF file, or the equivalent of 8 x 10 inches at 300 dpi.

For scanned digital images: Set your scanner for an 8 x 10 inch image and scan at 300 dpi, Save as a TIFF file, CMYK format, not RGB.

For traditional film-based images: Provide a sharp color, or black & white print, on matte finish paper. The print should be at least 4 x 5 inches and no larger than 8 x 10. 35mm slides cannot be accepted at this time.


Please submit image titles, and any captions or comments (350 word maximum), in a digital file. Microsoft Word, 12-point type is preferred. Please use upper and lower case format, not all caps.


Paper prints or digital files on a CD or DVD may be sent to:

Ryck Lent
PHSNE Journal Committee
47 Calvary ST
Waltham, MA 02453

(Do not send digital files as e-mail attachments, they will be too large.)

Note: These specifications are also available for download and printing as a pdf file: 2013 PHSNE Collector's Showcase Submittal Specifications.pdf.

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