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TheJournal / InMemoriam

In Memoriam[1]
A partial list of PHSNE members who passed away in the last decade.[2]
They are sorely missed.

NameYears[3]  PositionLocationInterests
Clifford Scofield32Charter memberConnecticutGraflex cameras
Maurice Bursch28Board memberMassachusettsPolaroid and Stereo
Robert Pratt33Charter memberMassachusetts(not known)
Thurman F. "Jack" Naylor33Longtime Journal editor, secretaryMassachusettsEverything photographic
Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr.35Charter memberNew YorkBox, magazine, detective, single-use cameras
Gordon A. Hicks36Charter memberMassachusetts  Cameras, especially Contax
Alan D. Kattelle37Charter member, president 1982–1984MassachusettsAmateur motion picture equipment
John S. Craig38Charter member, founding president 1974–1975ConnecticutDaguerreotypes, ephemera
Jack Cryan17 VermontNewsreels, motion picture cameras
Harold B. Lewis37President 1979–1980ArizonaCirkut, Al-Vista cameras
Jordan Patkin35 VirginiaWood, Leica, Zeiss cameras; stereo, magic lanterns, daguerreotypes
Robert L. Zirmmers19 PennsylvaniaSub-miniature, Kodak cameras
Wayne Cogan30President 1986–1987FloridaPetite-size, wood cameras, other photographica
Walter "Jack" Frost24 North CarolinaImages, photo-history books
George Gilbert32 OregonNineteenth-century photographic history
Richard Kendall23 MassachusettsMotion picture, scenic, and color photography; special effects; photo history
Richard Omsteen15 MassachusettsAntique cameras
Arthur "Woody" Woodford17 MassachusettsModern cameras
George Champine19 MassachusettsPopular cameras, 1930s to 1950s
James P. Hopkins34 KansasDigital photography for Internet use
Mike Kessler40Charter memberCaliforniaAntique cameras, stereoscopes
Robert Persky?? FloridaImages
Enid Starr 6 Massachusetts(not known)

lf you have information regarding anyone who should be added or a correction, please send it to journal@phsne.org.

1Originally published for 2005–2013 in the Journal, No. 171, 2013, inside rear cover. A more recently updated version is available at In Memoriam.
2Unfortunately, our membership records are not complete and we sincerely apologize for any persons not included in this listing.
3Years of membership are not available for all listed due to incomplete records, especially for those who moved out of the New England area and discontinued membership prior to their passing.

Correction from initial publication:
1) George Gilbert passed in 2012 not in 2013.
2) Mike Kessler (passed 2013) membership years corrected to 40.
3) Added Maurice Bursch, passed in 2006.

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