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Publications / snap shots and Early Newsletters

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Archives of snap shots and early Newsletters

PHSNE's snap shots since September 2005 and limited selection of early Society documents Photo~Nostalgia, the 1973 Newsletter, & the Announcement of a New Club are available below as individual pdf files. You can also download each complete Volume as a compressed ZIP file. If you have trouble viewing the files, see Using this Site.

Photographic Historical Society of New England - snap shots newsletter logo.
Volume 23 2017-2018
Volume 22 2016-2017
Volume 21 2015-2016
Volume 20 2014-2015
Volume 19 2013-2014
Volume 18 2012-2013
Volume 17 2011-2012
Volume 16 2010-2011
Volume 15 2009-2010
Volume 14 2008-2009
Volume 13 2007-2008
Volume 12 2006-2007
Volume 11 2005-2006

snap shots Volume Zip Files

If you wish to download an entire volume of snap shots PDF files, please go to snap shots volume zip file archive. There you will find each complete volume since Volume 11 (2005-2006) as a Zip file for convenient download of the entire volume.

Photographic Historical Society of New England - Photo~Nostalgia newsletter logo.


The Newsletter was renamed Photo~Nostalgia starting with issue 7, January 1974.

Photo Nostalgia #7
Photo Nostalgia #7

Photographic Historical Society of New England -  Newsletter logo.


After the club was started in April 1973, six issues of the Newsletter were published.

Newsletter #1
Newsletter #1
Newsletter #2
Newsletter #2
Newsletter #3
Newsletter #3
Newsletter #4
Newsletter #4
Newsletter #5
Newsletter #5
Newsletter #6
Newsletter #6

1973 Announcing a New Club

Announcing a New Club
Announcing a New Club


Announcing a New Club and Newsletter 1,2, & 6 scans courtesy Dick Bolt. From his web site PHSNE History.
Issues of Newsletter 3, 4; and Photo~Nostalgia 7 provided by Ruth Thomasian and Ed Shaw.
Articles of Organization from Corporations Division, Secretary of the Commonwalth of Masssachusetts.
Scans of Newsletter 3, 4; Articles of Organization, and Photo~Nostalgia 7 by Joe Walters.

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