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History / Officers

PHSNE Officers

The following history of PHSNE officers, and the terms of office, has been compiled from the three Ten Year history articles in the Journal and contemporaneous documents (snap shots & The Journal).

After PHSNEs founding in April 1973 April a temporary Board was elected to manage PHSNE until the approval of bylaws and the election of a Board under the new Bylaws.
Term (Starts April)Chairman SecretaryTreasurer
1973  Larry Rochette Valerie P. CraigLuana Rochette
After the 1973 April to December term for the temporary Board, the first Board elected under the Bylaws served from January through May 1974.
Term (Starts January)PresidentVice-PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
1974[1] John CraigMatt IsenbergDick SanfordBryon Owens
Annual elections began in May 1974, electing the board that served from June 1974 to May 1975. The President was able to hold office for up to two consecutive years, then had to skip at least one term before possible reelection. Interim elections, to fill a vacated Presidency, were not subject to this provision. There were no term limits on other officers or board members.
Term (Starts June)PresidentVice-PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
1974 John CraigMatt IsenbergDick SanfordBryon Owens
1975 John CraigRichard RussackDick SanfordClaire Billington
1976 Jack BillingtonHenry Weisenburger Dick SanfordClaire Billington
1977 Jack BillingtonHenry WeisenburgerDick SanfordClaire Billington
1978 Henry Weisenburger Larry RochetteJack NaylorDick Sanford
1979 Harold LewisLen WayneJack NaylorAlan Kattelle
1980 Harold LewisLen WayneJack NaylorAlan Kattelle
1981 Len WayneDick SanfordJeanne GormanAlan Kattelle
1982 Alan KattelleLarry RochetteJeanne GormanLowell Bursch
1983 Alan KattelleLester GedimanJeanne GormanLowell Bursch
1984 Alan KattelleLester GedimanJeanne GormanLowell Bursch
1985 Lester Gediman,[2] Harold Lewis  Carl ChiuIli,[3] Wayne CoganJeanne Gorman,[4] Paul Nisula  Lowell Bursch
1986 Wayne CoganLowell BurschPaul NisulaDavid Berenson
1987 Wayne CoganLowell BurschJack NaylorDavid Berenson
1988 Lowell BurschHenry WeisenburgerJack NaylorDavid Berenson
1989 Henry WeisenburgerRuth ThomasianJack NaylorDavid Berenson
1990 Henry WeisenburgerRuth ThomasianJack NaylorDavid Berenson
1991 Ruth ThomasianEdward Shaw, Arnold Greene Jack NaylorDavid Berenson, Edward Shaw
1992 Ruth ThomasianEdward Shaw, Arnold Greene Jack NaylorDavid Berenson, Edward Shaw
1993[5]Ruth ThomasianArnold GreenJack NaylorEdward Shaw
1994 Arnold Green,[6] Henry Weisenburger Ruth ThomasianJack NaylorEdward Shaw
1995 Henry WeisenburgerRuth ThomasianJack NaylorEdward Shaw
1996 Henry WeisenburgerRuth ThomasianJack NaylorEdward Shaw
1997 Dan JonesRuth ThomasianJack NaylorEdward Shaw
In November 1997 the Bylaws were amended to provide two year terms to start in January 1998. Elections now were in November of odd numbered years and the term to start in the next January.[7] While the 1997 Bylaws dropped the term limit on the President, PHSNE has continued this rule as a tradition.
Term (Starts January)PresidentVice-PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
1998 & 1999Dan JonesJohn FelixJanet Moyer,[8] Donato Bracco  Edward Shaw
2000 & 2001John FelixRuth ThomasianDaniel JonesEdward Shaw
2002 & 2003 Ruth ThomasianSandy CahalyDaniel JonesEdward Shaw
2004 & 2005 Daniel JonesJohn FelixAlan GoodrichEdward Shaw
2006 & 2007 John WojtowiczHenry WeisenburgerAlan GoodrichEdward Shaw
2008 & 2009 Marti JonesLewis RegelmanAlan GoodrichAdrian Levesque
2010 & 2011  John WojtowiczLewis RegelmanAlan GoodrichAdrian Levesque
2012 & 2013  John DockeryLewis RegelmanAlan GoodrichAdrian Levesque,[9] John Dockery (Acting)
2014 & 2015  Richard MorangeJohn WojtowiczAlan GoodrichJohn Dockery (Acting)
2016 & 2017  Walter FriesendorfJohn Wojtowicz, Joel Moses[10]Lawrence WoodsGregory Crisci
  1. This term started in January 1974 with elections in January and ran until June 1974. ("New Officers, Board Elected", Photo~Nostalgia #7, January 1974 and PHSNE 1974 Directory, history on inside front cover.)
  2. Lester Gediman moved to Israel and Harold Lewis completed his term. (Personal communication, Henry Weisenburger, May 11, 2011.)
  3. Carl ChiuIli resigned from the board. Wayne Cogan completed his term. (Personal communication, Henry Weisenburger, May 11, 2011.)
  4. Jeanne Gorman moved overseas to undertake humanitarian work in various locations. Paul Nisula completed her term. (Personal communication, Henry Weisenburger, May 11, 2011.)
  5. The term for 1993 ran from June to December. The newly adopted two-year election cycle started with an election in November 1993 for the Officers to serve the 1994 and 1995 calendar years.
  6. Arnold Green passed away in 1994. Henry Weisenburger completed his term. (Personal communication, Henry Weisenburger, May 11, 2011.)
  7. See letter to membership, dated October 1997, proposing change to two year terms. (Letter, Dan Jones, October 1997.)
  8. Janet Moyer moved to Los Angeles CA. Donato Bracco completed her term. (Personal communication, Henry Weisenburger, May 11, 2011.)
  9. Adrian Levesque stepped down as Treasurer effective December 31, 2012.
  10. John Wojtowicz stepped down October 2, 2016. Joel Moses was appointed in December 4, 2016 by board to completed the term.
1) Initial version of table compiled August 2012 by Joe Walters from sources listed above.

2) Updated December 2013 to add 2014 & 2015 term.

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