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Forum / Archived PHSNE Forum
The PHSNE Forum has been deprecated and is no longer available. Please use PHSNE's Facebook page to follow and comment on PHSNE activities.

By vote of the PHSNE Board at the September 2014 meeting, the Forum was superseded by PHSNE's Facebook page. The Facebook site is open for comments, represents a newer approach to establishing a community on the Web, and received significantly greater traffic and engagement than the Forum.

The archived, read only copy of the PHSNE Forum made available in 2014 is no longer available effective April 15, 2017. This was done to eliminate the work needed to maintain security updates for the Forum software.

Historical Note: The PHSNE Forum started as a result of the work of the Web Presence Committee established by the 2006 & 2007 Board, President John Wojtowicz; and implemented by Joe Walters in 2006 and made public in 2007. The Facebook page was established by George Champine in 2012 and the Presidents blog was started by PHSNE President Whitey Morange in 2014.

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