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AboutThisSite / Welcome to the PHSNE Archive
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The Photographic Historical Society of New England, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt educational organization dedicated to the preservation of our photographic heritage. The Society was founded in 1973. To read our history, go to History.

This site provides an archive of selected PHSNE publications, meetings and images such as group photos. The site also links to PHSNE videos at YouTube and images at Flickr. The monthly newsletter snap shots and selected monthly meeting presentations are available to the general public. PHSNE's The Journal is only available as a printed document to members of PHSNE. To see significant recent additions, see New Items.

For hints about technical issues you might have see Using This Site . Note that while most pages are public, a little content is limited to members will require a password to access.

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It's exciting, worthwhile and inexpensive. You will be in the company of members from around the world. For more information about joining see Membership.

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