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Main / New Items in PHSNE Archives

A selection of new items, significant page changes and highlights of the PHSNE online archive are presented below.

The Journal, Number 174, 2016 Portraits: Art and Practice

The Table of Contents for the 2016 Journal and links to extensive online supplemental materials have been added to the Archive.

The Journal, Number 173, 2015 Table of Contents & 2016-2017 Officers

The new officers for the 2016-2017 term have been added in the History section at Officers and the table of contents of The Journal, number 173, 2015 has been added on the TheJournal page.

Camera Museums Added to Archive

This note added 8/24/2014 by JBW (Camera Museums section done by David Dejean)

In a new section of the Archive David DeJean describes a baker's dozen Camera Museums with personal comments and photos of those museums he has visited. To help grow the list contact David with info on Camera Museums, or good camera collections in other museums, you have visited. See Camera Museums for David's e-mail address.

Links Page Added to Archive

Added 7/31/2014 by JBW

A new Links page with Web links of interest to the image and camera collecting community has been added to the Resources available at the PHSNE Archive.

New England Photo Collections Added

Added 3/24/2014 by JBW

A new Resources section has been added to the Archive to present resources of interest to PHSNE members. The kickoff is a listing of New England Photo Collections by Whitey Morange. This listing originally appeared in the article "Photographic History Resources Around New England" by Richard Morange, The Journal, issue 171, 2013. An enlarged and updated list of NE photo collections is presented on-line. To provide additional information, or have a collection considered for listing contact Whitey Morange.

Publications Section Reorganized

The Publications sections has been reorganized to simplify access to snap shots and earlier PHSNE newsletters. Rather than several pages, all issues of snap shots are now available from a single page that is direcly linked from the left sidebar. Issues are now presented in a folder structure allowing you to quickly pick a volume and download issues. The most recent volume is presented with thumbnails.

PHSNE History Section

A new section presenting the history of PHSNE has been established. Included in this new section: a narrative of the founding, early documents, and three articles from The Journal.

PHSNE Meeting from 1970s

Thanks to Alan Kattelle we have this photo of a PHSNE meeting at the old Edgell Library in Framinham MA. It is believed to have been taken in the 1970s.
From the Meetings section of the image Gallery:

Credit: Unknown photographer, Image provided by Alan Kattelle, scan by Joe Walters.

PHSNE Group Photo from 1979

Thanks to Ed Shaw and Neil Gordon we have a group photo from 1979 available on the site. Ed found it in PHSNE's warehouse and Neil scanned it in.

From the Group Photos section of the image Gallery:

Credit: H. B. Lewis, Image scan by Neil Gordon.

snap shots Issues Since September 2005

Thanks to Dave Dejean, we now have all issues of snap shots since he became editor in September 2005 available for download. Check out these on the snap shots archive page.

Journal 2007 Table of Contents

The table of contents of The Journal, number 166, 2007 has been added on the TheJournal page.

PHSNE Group Photo November 01, 1987

From the Group Photos section of the image Gallery:

Credit: H. B. Lewis. Image scan by Joe Walters.

The photo was taken by H. B. Lewis, a former PHSNE President, with a 10inch Cirkut camera. A higher quality image is available as PHSNE_Group_19871101.jpg (648KB).

Show and Tell Video

The Show and Tell video from the April 6, 2008 meeting has been added.

Some PHSNE Charter Members June 3, 1973

From the Group Photos section of the image Gallery:

Credit: Charles DeBois Hodges. Image scan courtesy Dick Bolt. From his web site PHSNE History. Published in The Journal, 20th Anniversary Issue, Numbers 138 & 139, 1993.

Front Row (L-R): Henry Wisenberger, Nellie Grube, Herb Grube, Valery Craig, John S. Craig, Walter Lazar , Dick Sanford;
Row 2: Tom Connell, Sheila Meek, Abigail Deacon, #4 ? , Michel Auer, Matt Isenburg, Sharon Isenberg, Larry Rochette, Lu Rochette;
Row 3: Arthur Lewis, Ellie Lieberman, #4 ?, Tom Connell Jr., Charlie Deacon, #7 ?, Dick Bolt, Bryon Owens, Mike Kessler;
Row 4: Mel Lieberman, Paul Wing (red shirt), Henry Deeks, #4 ?, #5 ?, John Hess?, #7 ?, #8 ?, Guy Livingston, Ben Corning, #11 ?, Larry Cuneo.

If you can help identify anyone in the photo, please send that information to Joe Walters. We have received identifications from Dick Bolt, Dave DeJean, Andy Heatlie, Paul Nisula, Dick Sanford, and Stephen Shuart.

Announcing a New Club & First Newsletter

Excerpt of the original announcement of a meeting for those interested in becoming charter members of the New England Camera and Image Collectors Society. The PHSNE name was adopted at the first meeting on April 8th, 1973 and announced in Newsletter # 1. For the full founding announcement and several early newsletters see Announcing a New Club.

Founding Announcement of PHSNE (Excerpt) PHSNE Newsletter #1 (Excerpt) Announcement and Newsletter scans courtesy Dick Bolt. From his web site PHSNE History.

View from Steps of McKim Building Boston Public Library

From the March 2nd, 2008 Meeting; Tour of Boston Public Library Print Department:

Photo by Neil Gordon.

30th Anniversary Group Photograph (September 7th, 2003)

From the Group Photos section of the image Gallery:

Photo by Neil Gordon & Larry Bruce. For higher resolution download, click on 2MB image.

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