Handyman’s Corner: Better Than Botox

Skin wrinkled, cracking, dried out, sagging or scaly? If the skin is on one of your cameras I can help. (Anywhere else try the Yellow Pages; Cosmetic Surgeons are the best bet.) Older cameras sometimes show the ravages of time when their covering fails. Covering material has ranged from the inexpensive embossed paper, to exotic […]

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Handyman’s Corner: ThereIsAFungusAmongUs

You have just opened your camera case, the one you have not opened since who knows when. You reach in and take out your prized Teliflorist Telephoto 290mm 11.4 and swiftly mount it on your Doeverythingmatic SLR, planning on using it to capture that once in a lifetime shot of a Doublebreasted Yellowbellied Stool Pigeon […]

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